The Lone Practitioner: Worcempt Gonce

As a Doctor, Worcempt Gonce is a health and safety calamity. Jump in: all aboard, gather round, you cannot have large sections of the night without him.

Unlike real doctors his core value is keeping you alive.

Normal doctors defy evolution of souls by idle theories of the globe.

Engaging with your doctor, trust is merely a thought.  

To Gonce life is a pretend hospital. Everybody is on some form of medication past or present which is a dilemma no doctor can fix.

Normal doctors have the compassion of a tax collector; they are not a phenomenon of persistence to assert yourself within.   

Under Gonce you are plagued by wild consults as the final rupture of your claim of anatomy.  

A real celebration of life is light years away.  

He is not like other doctors, who are nerve oppressors who you perhaps feel threatened by.

Normal doctors are without true spirit to the needs of the masses.  

Under normal doctors you gain no health, you are predisposed to an arsenal.

Prozac destroys the brain pointlessly . 

Life: It’s just good to get out of it before God arrives. Where does he live outside your circumnavigations of chill without a road no doubt.

His medical protocols are not topped off with simplicity adopted from other doctors.  

Because of normal doctors lovely days have gone away.

District courts are a morbidity you are entangled with, but infer another conspiracy bought to a cause other than crime. 

Gonce uses scornful magic to correct the human race which becomes an iceburg.

Conventional doctors are unapologetic about the restrictions of controlled substances, thus you reside under a medical category that will wreck you.

Normal doctors subdue bondage practices crossways, which is a potentially dangerous emulsion of your brain illusion.

Conventional doctors create a monopoly assault on human conduct.

Gonce does not have an express plan for people’s health. This provides a huge crazy time without constraints central to nowhere. 

His honesty towards your medical condition is incomplete apart from theology immediately established.

Gonce has spare crankiness to share with others; nothing goes to plan except for vivaciousness

He treats bodies as if they were a sporadic dilemma.

When treating the most shocking of disorders he has no counterpart. Just wasting everything masculine he has mysterious disastrous talent and feminine power presented as a person and other unwanted people in this modern world. He does not withhold ridiculousness taking over.

His pleasantness finally hits you.

If you are unwell there will be a reason, so let it go.

All medical problems come from organic confusion without a health guide latitude on earth which leaves the atlas blank.

He is a medical menace no matter what illness is launched into you. 

He treats people with fragile surges of illness on average.

Falsehoods keep your biological processes together.  

Gonce carries through a trajectory heist of scientific responses with a greater risk of delayed treatment.

You don’t have to feel bad, Gonce swears by nothingness without hassle.

Marvellous techniques may by overlooked within their optical range.

Physicality is indicative of another source of independent effects which disqualify the body as human.

Evaluation and treatment has its pitfalls unless there is a parody to refute them.

Anatomic tasks are a meaningful cluster of ridicule.

Life is a terrible thing but it gives you something to cheer about covertly.

Most of Gonce’s patients have outlived neurosis. When the brain is a missing organ you will start feeling better because the mind and its permutations are a plotless operation even for sceptics.

The encroaching importance of an undeniable element of preventing disease under any circumstances is avoided.

Dangerous imbalances are served immediately without any ingratiating research typically found in an autonomous rescue.

The body is an unrecognisable dungeon.

His patients are uncouth tribes of people.

The medical community is a sorrowful gang.

Normal doctors offer you mechanical sorrow of an executioner.

They surpasseth empathy and affection on an epic scale.

The medical profession carries out a ruthless elimination of clowns.

Conventional doctors have the vulgar primary goal of destroying our external environment such as the nervous system.

Gonce’s medical methods are a revelation of nihilistic ambience, not the strong prejudice of great judgements.

He also deals with complicated traumas, unlike other doctors and military officials.

A person’s identity suddenly disappears when given a musing diagnosis which does not empower you. Health becomes a nuisance without the ability of adaptation because it has been omitted.

He wouldn’t tell you the diagnoses even if he knew it because he would buggger it all up. He doesn't know anything about nobody. He is an awe distributor, he doesn’t have to look far into your body at all because it is mimetic of his other patients with everybody else inbetween.

Just get your prognosis all organized first without a diagnosis being infused as an outpost of the body.

Do not deploy theoretical insights because it will make your health 100 times worse because they are rationalistic rather than having destructive potential.  

Request absence from the spoken final chapter of your secrecy of health.

Conventional medicine rules your jugular.  This is not school chemistry.

Critically, deny all larger trends of medicine.

Gonce provides unchecked maladies, he does not gain acceptance of opinions operating from beyond the grave. Take it easy, you're only in the healing phase of death.

Worcempt Gonce has unlimited touchableness against the odds

People: send them through one another, don’t partake in single doctor visits.  

He treats patients who have vintage self-destructing recklessness who you may never see again.

Paramount trauma is nobody’s business.

If you don’t listen to Worcempt Gonce hysterical pleasure is disbanded or gambled away.

Without drugs the body is a restless dwelling of skull fragments. There’s damn stuff everywhere.

Without drugs bliss is overrated as being false fragments of rumours.

Drug use is a beloved crime. Prohibiting them is a propaganda exercise which does not result in a reduction of their benefical use etcetera.

Drug free countries are strained revelations which you are directly involved in making you metabolically disruptive in unreal worlds not yet galvanised.

When exposed to elevated neuronal activity sedatives are required, but normal doctors don’t facilitate this courtesy as they take the lid off our heads.  

Claims to mix up claims of truth are a convenience for the medical community.     

The day of your lobotomy: you start early, you finish early: that’s the problem in most homes.

Rehabilitate the worst part of your boisterous life without medical evaluation.

Simulating cell death is concealed by the cancer of natural observations.

Physicists treat our brains like bunions.

Without irregular doctors where would you be? : Entrenched in gusts of castigation?

Or hitting the psychological brick wall of truth?

Normal doctors don’t have the experience or honour of overseeing paranoia.

Thought control creates new personalities not in concordance with identity.

Giving orders is not the aim of his game, he has more originality when giving medical advice about sex.

What’s wrong with the medical profession today is that lobotomizing has become a long and laborious task. SSRI's such as Prozac lobotomize you at a slow deterioration rate because they have a scientific presence not associated with art. 

Fanatics cannot wait to look inside his preparations undiscussed by those investigating and diagnosing the curse of abnormality.

His antics are completely fused with grotesque compulsive rituals and other underlying conflicts. 

Worthlessness is an invigourating heritage more than any amount of reasoning.

Conventional doctors create a regenerative strain on your nervous system clearly abnormal without a diagnosis manifested directly.

The modern medical profession is a grave oasis you are bombarded with.

Medical problems become high stakes of delight unpredictable by latterly science instruction.

Gonce offers queer separation from mass movements such as the fear of death.

He warns about the reality of the danger of interpersonal affairs which do not have normal and adaptive fear.

Survival has indeterminate usage because there is a collective convoluted ethos behind it.

When something’s not right with your body it becomes a saga and everybody is at fault who triggers the pathology of your illness criterion you are not free to choose from unless you have schizoid desensitization.

There is a risk of self-regulation of your heath because one day you will be screened intermittently by doctors following the theft of your sanity.

Gonce offers no standpoint of exposure or projection of casual mediation because it will collapse social isolation and other systemized delusions.

Many people have some sort of ailment and there is no dedicated health professional for the hardest hit.

His patients are shielded from deliberate spasmodic social existence. He offers disparate hints rather than free-floating medical advice or motionless assumptions which corrupt the outcome of the superabundance of desire. 

His medical methods are not conducive to patient reliabilities on regaining sanity and other emotional burdens acquired by the vast majority at some point in their life of emotional disorders and other phobic situations without fair agreement.

Doing things seemingly unattainable and non-customary patients need to be sceptical about recuperation.  

The customary medical realm has everything you need for creating immovable regrets creating a convulsed doctrine.

It’s dark everywhere for fugitives of the medical profession which would otherwise be a non-spectacle.

It is commonly asked why people have sight while they are being given an elementary behavioural assessment as an end in itself.

Gonce is a predominant maker of prolific perverted patterns of people and events for those inflicted by the customary medical realm.

Spiralling acceptance of victim blaming comes about by pure accident, it is not pivoted as an infringement.

Luminous versatile contact with society creates disease not easy to bounce away from.

Rude conceptions of the human body are fissured by cause and effect strangely groundless.

Among garments there are bodies to be discovered in the general purpose treatment process.

Remembering your appearance as a healthy person you work mainly with destroyed people, because it will be your fetishist downfall.

There is nonnecessary hesitation of controlling most patients rather than the lowering status of recreating them.

High emphasis on answers to medical problems disappear from the open market.

Follow out his instructions as a way of internationalising the vulnerable.

Gonce is a masked reformer of modern medicine which is practically immobilising.

Where do your neurons all belong?

His medical methods turn metaphysics into jelly.

Critically he is not a brave engineer of the human body.

Curtail surrender to your body.

Worcempt Gonce has a backward isolationism considered normal behaviour. 

His patients are a prospect of persuasion for prevention of publicity almost exclusively pulled from the brink of broadcasting bribery. 

Gonce prowls on rhetorical figures and other experimental groups.

He does not peruse basic elements of phases of projection of persistence of preoccupied presentation of the publicized outside world if you get there just.

Common place medical warnings do not have a stunning effect, they are indeterminate.

He is furiously withdrawn from creepy things such as accurate exemplary veteran diagnoses.

Gonce has retrospective methods of patient care. Await forward movements in another grand totality of time or space of controlling codes not activated for the marginalized, because they are preserved in another sphere you can scarcely think about.

This is a brush with practitioner quality absolute power potentially dire.

Medical methods are slammed by economic developments and other laborious tasks which grip you without any meteorological observations.

Means of reaching a parody without calibration of the human body mean everything to him.

Conventional doctors put widespread emphasis on humdrum decrees hammered and sharpened by portability of the crucifix.

Release wretched men and woman from the dichotomy of research and other addictions.

Regular doctors are near enough to the ruling class of awareness without impressive results.

Stagger amongst it all like one of many duties of accustomed harassment of health.

The Lone Practitioner is incumbent with severely erratic examinations.    

Anatomy is a threefold fortress particularly hostile: Body, limbs and brain.

Workmanship is not guaranteed unless you penetrate such a mass of the brain and lobotomize it, making it slip away without delay or any other abortive attempt.

There is no existing wide opening of fate as a doctor drills holes in your brain which is not powerfully organized anyway.

Unmistakably he is despondent at all points to a counter-revolutionary medical platform of life.

Managing the difference between information obtained by the overt objective side of the mind with the side of the mind that has flair is an hallucination.

For descendants life is an experiment of their own conduct of illusions of passion and action.  

Gonce will be good to you except when problems commence ministering balance of heath affairs.

Fatigue is for unannounced figures of public life operations with seldom subliminal perfection.

Without Worcempt Gonce all there would have been was a death rattle gone unreported by specimens of medical authorities and whistle blowers.

The micro cosmos of our medical world requires urgent attentiveness by the insurgency of mad scientists not created from any archetype.

Lunacy has the greatest immediate impact, not any scientific observation or stimulus.

In conventional medicine you have a susceptibility to a life-threatening variety of physicians who do not offer you alterative therapy sources such as improper conduct.

Health is not a major thing anymore when you are smothered by horrendous medical mistakes.

The body has incessant unfathomability, it has no heavily laden mental horizon.

Being screwed and prodded by Gonce is somewhat of a mystery.

A determined attempt to return to normal health cannot be uttered without defeating you sadistically.

There is healthier divine discomforts than masochism.

Everything he does abuses everybody around him in a celebrated performance.

Survive the old-fashioned medical realm before it is upturned by freedom of decision.

This is a groovy transition from what remains of the fossil of medical governance.

Being immune to authorities smuggled into modern life people lag behind is a conspiracy sighted too late.  

Respite leads to permanent disturbance of contending powers you are not aware of.

Gonce treats people's minds like neon lard which you cannot ignite.

Those with common medical conditions are unmapped target practice to be cast in as requested.

Gonce recommends a departure from anything in the vicinity of appetite to cure most illnesses.

Entrust in your attention-getting disappearing of hunger whatever your diagnosis and treatment 

He offers rigorous analysis of fragmented conscious rage for those disadvantaged through regular doctors who prohibit drug use.

Complain about unrestrained human distress not counteracted by opioids, otherwise people would be largely useless instruments of medicine, giving authorities opportunity to pounce, dominating headlines.

Nothing is fair. Conventional doctors toss freedom out the door by prescribing faulty and debatable pills such as tomboyish SSRI's.

Gonce is a menace to the enormously popular World Order equipped to haul people into permanently occupied oblivion or any other claim of scientific status.

Science is compensated by grotesqueness anytime anywhere for some time from now on almost completely only just begun from anytime now whatever the result.

Sympathise with his harnessing of hidden points of entry into the human body.

If you are in the ruins of stagnation of surveillance become aroused by his unpremeditated hovering over your body where no accumulation of barriers and controls are erected.

Gonce has no inconsistency of make-believe, he is a real doctor.

Entrust in him if you want to make a new alliance with your body in order to save it.

He deeply regrets his mishaps should you wish to return to the shackles of good health.

People are inquisitive of his stuff ups of segments of anatomy uncovered.

Gonce offers no tangible survey of your body. Diagnosis is finally reached while exposing yourself to the world of non-transparency.

Before you can do anything it’s good to be back in your body as the last expedition of your anatomy.


The Lone Practitioner is published by: 

Positiv Tolls Tolich Toggle Dominika

(Tolich Toggle:

Tolich Toggle is a platform in which it is easy to consider as a scenario where everyone, everything in the galaxy has an appropriate place of belonging:

Stars belong within a particular sublime constellation….

Vertebrae have a particular place in the vertebral column….

And our brothers the star fish have a special place in the aquatic world…

And where the opinions and attitudes of a generation succumb to the domineering nature of occultism.